Personal commitment

What I will deliver by way of service

I believe in service excellence and make the following personal commitment to you. I will:

  • Keep you informed about the progress of your review
  • Give you clear reasons for my decisions
  • Treat you professionally and with courtesy
  • Respect your confidentiality and take appropriate care of your information
  • Use clear language
  • As far as I am able, adjust my service to your needs

I welcome feedback. If my service falls short in any way, or you have comments, suggestions or even compliments, I would like to hear from you. Your comments will help me learn what works well and what I could improve.

Freedom of Information

The Judicial Complaints Reviewer is not covered by Freedom of Information legislation. However, I believe that the public has a right to expect the Reviewer to act in an open, accountable and transparent way. Therefore, although not within the scope of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002, I will work within the spirit of the legislation and make available whatever information I am able to without breeching anyone’s confidentiality. If there is information about my work that you wish to have, please contact me.